LAPD Chief has tough words about the DUI/Public Intoxication of a Commander & Sgt.

Officials say what happened Friday in Glendale is extremely rare and according to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck its extremely concerning.

In video seen ONLY ON FOX LAPD Commander Nicole Mehringer can be seen being dragged from a Dodge Charger by two Glendale police officers. She avoids the camera… her hands are placed behind her head. She's held for public intoxication, taken into custody, and released a few hours later.

Sgt. James Kelly is seen being assisted by Glendale officers. He can walk straight. The sobriety test administered to him doesn't appear to go well. He struggles to put one foot in front of the other. He tries repeatedly to walk a straight line. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

The person who shot the video says Glendale police came to the scene because the car the two were in was in the middle of road. As it rolled forward in drive it bumped a silver Mercedes and remained in the middle of the street. Police were called out because of that. Our source says it took about 20 minutes for Glendale officers to get the two out of the car.

We were told LAPD Chief Charlie Beck wouldn't be speaking on camera Monday-- but we showed up anyway, waited, and caught up with the Chief as he left City Council budget hearings. He told FOX 11, "Obviously, if the allegations are true they're very disappointing. We not only have a criminal investigation going on in Glendale but we have a personnel investigation going on here that could result in very serious consequences."

Beck says Glendale Police will conduct a criminal investigation, The LAPD personal standards bureau will handle the internal investigation… If penalties are required that'll be up to the Chief…

Meanwhile, Police Comission President Steve Soboroff told us,

"It's a horrible situation… (and) as a Commissioner I will tell you its wrong, that its unacceptable, that it's sad… its extremely, extremely rare and Thank God no one was hurt. People could've been killed."

Back to the Chief… some strong words in his first public comment on the case. Before this interview he only issued a statement that said he was really concerned. In our interview he repeated that statement. Said Beck, "I am extremely concerned... I'm concerned that if these allegations are true then its a severe breach of their duties as police officers not only to obey the law, but to be an example."

With regard to the criminal investigation, Glendale police tell us it may take several months to get the results of the blood alcohol tests back on the Sgt. Kelly. He was released on his own recognizance. As for Commander Mehringer no charges will be filed on her since she was the passenger, but as we heard

Chief Beck says she may be facing other consequences.

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