Laguna Hills High School threat suspect arrested

A man accused of sending several threats to staff and students at Laguna Hills High School was arrested in San Rafael over the weekend. 

According to officials, 29-year-old Eugene Thomas Jenkins allegedly began the series of threats in Dec. 2022 after a championship football game. The threats, which continued until his arrest June 3, included three false reports of a possible shooter on the school's campus, a bomb threat, a death threat via telephone, and at least 10 known death threats via written letter. 

Two of the threats targeted the school's senior graduation ceremony that took place June 1, authorities said. Extra security was present and additional security measures taken during the ceremony, school officials said.

Authorities estimate at least 14 victims involved. 

Jenkins was booked on several charges including suspicion of violating criminal threats and false report of an emergency, among others.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at 714-647-7000