LA County officials announce new ‘Safer at Home’ order

Los Angeles County officials have issued a “Safer At Home'' order, calling on people to remain at home as much as possible in response to the coronavirus.

While not fully banning outdoor activities, the order prohibits gatherings of 10 or more people.

According to Mayor Garcetti residents are required to stay at home and away from people outside their immediate family unless they are taking part in an ‘essential activity’. 

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According to the new order residents in Los Angeles County are advised not to go to work unless they are providing an essential service. The order also advises residents not to travel to or from a job outside the city as well as not to travel to or from a vacation home outside the city. 

The order allows for health-care, government and food-industry employees to continue going to work, but others are being encouraged to stay home.

“We’re about to enter into a new way of living here in Los Angeles for a period. What we do, and how we do it and if we get this right will determine how long this crisis will last,” said Mayor Garcetti.

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City officials say people can still go to the grocery store, pharmacy as well as medical appointments. LA residents are encouraged to go on walks, ride bikes and hike as long as people are keeping a 6 feet distance away from others.  

Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Chair of Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, says hardware stores, plumbers, healthcare operators, and transportation services will remain open. 

The order goes into effect at midnight and will remain in effect until April 19, 2020 with the possibility of being extended. 

"I think there's been terrible terms out there, like lockdown. Nobody is locked down. We encourage you not to be locked down. This is not shelter-in-place like a school shooting. This is stay at home. Because you're safer at home. The only people who should be leaving home and going out are
those whose jobs are critical to the safety, the health and security of the city, as well as the economy of recovery for us and the nation during this crisis,'' Mayor Garcetti stated. 

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