LA agency: Weinstein wanted them to investigate, suppress accusations

A new and disturbing chapter in the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Accusations that the disgraced filmmaker hired an "army of spies" to dig up dirt on anyone who might make accusations of wrongdoing against him.

Now, one local security agent says Weinstein associates approached him to spy as well.

Kris Herzog, who owns Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills says, "allegedly because we didn't do it, they wanted us to start with surveillance and ingratiate ourselves in undercover fashion against these rape and sexual assault victims".

In other words, according to Herzog, cozy up to actresses like Rose McGowan so if she or others came forth with damaging accusations against Harvey Weinstein "in any way, shape, or form, they could use this leverage against them to force them to stop the public accusations." Herzog says, that way Weinstein could "settle".

Though we could not verify them, Herzog says he kept phone records. When asked his response to the suggestion from Weinstein's team he says he wanted no part of it.

This comes after a New Yorker article suggested two high powered security agencies did work to dig up dirt for the Weinstein whose accused of sexual harassment and assault on a number of women.

Meanwhile, security expert Aaron Cohen is upset with those companies saying the kind of tactics they used should be for finding stalkers and others who might hurt clients - not for the purpose of "protecting a would-be predator."

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