Job Finder: Caring for seniors and the homeless

If you're interested in caring for seniors or for the homeless, there are two companies that are currently hiring. 
Comfort Keepers

The company is based in Irvine with 55 offices across Southern California. Each location has various positions to fill including entry-level positions. A spokesperson tells FOX 11 they are in high demand these days because of the pandemic.

Families are more comfortable keeping their loved ones at home rather than at senior centers, so that's where they step in and provide their services. They're hiring roughly 500 new employees who have compassion and desire to make a difference in the life of a senior. To apply, visit and be sure to enter your zip code to find your nearest location.
Skid Row Housing Trust 

The nonprofit provides permanent supportive housing to the homeless.

They work with various agencies that help identify certain individuals to match them with the Skid Row Housing Trust.

Antonio Le Mons, the Chief Operation Officer, says from there, they are able to help serve and move these folks into an apartment. He added they currently have about 30 positions open right now and the new hires will likely work at one of their 25 communities in downtown Los Angeles. 

Since some of the new employees will work directing with residents, Mr. Le Mons added that they are all given the proper training and equipment given the pandemic. 

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