The Issue Is: Chad Bianco, Rick Chavez Zbur, Areva Martin

This week, the issue is retail crime and public safety.

This, as a battle is brewing over how California should reform the controversial 2014 ballot measure Proposition 47, which changed the threshold for several crimes, including shoplifting, stolen property, and grand theft, making them a misdemeanor instead of a felony if the value of the property did not exceed $950.

This week, a ballot initiative looking to reform Prop. 47 qualified for the November ballot. At the same time, legislators in Sacramento are pushing through legislative fixes that, among other changes, would increase punishments for large-scale organized retail theft and make it easier to prosecute multiple offenders in different places.

Joining Elex Michaelson is Riverside Sheriff Chad Bianco, a proponent of the ballot initiative, and Assemblymember Rick Chavez Zbur, behind the efforts in Sacramento. Each make their cases for combating retail theft and ensuring public safety for Californians.

Bianco also discusses his endorsement of former President Trump, Bianco taking to social media in the days after Trump's conviction in New York saying "it's time to put a felon in the White House."

Also this week, attorney Areva Martin is back. Martin discusses celebrating Juneteenth at the White House,  underwater poll numbers for her friend, Vice President Kamala Harris, and her continued efforts to secure compensation for the survivors and descendants of Palm Springs Section 14.

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