In Depth: The state of education in 2019

In light of the LAUSD/UTLA strike we spend this week's show talking about education in our city, state and country.

As LA teachers went on strike over multiple issues including classroom sizes and proper care and resources for students we wanted to look at The State of Education in 2019.

Joining me at the table are some great educators.

SEGMENT ONE: Los Angeles teachers Loanna Sklavenitis and Annemarie Kingston help us understand what their classrooms are like and their concerns.

SEGMENT TWO: Julie Marsh is a professor of Education Policy at USC. Ivor Weiner is a Cal State Northridge Special Education Professor. We talk about the state of education and why there are teacher frustrations from coast to coast.

SEGMENT THREE: All four educators join us in this segment to talk about their hopes for the future.

SEGMENT FOUR: We talk about our education podcast.

You can listen here: