In Depth: The death of Luke Perry; the stories of human trafficking

Actor Luke Perry (Riverdale, Beverly Hills, 90210) was only 52 years old when a stroke killed him. What are the warning signs... what is a stroke in the first place? We get answers from two medical professionals. Dr. Suzie Bash is a Neuroradiologist with Radnet. Neurosurgeon Dr. Parham Yashar works at Dignity Health Northridge Hospital.

In the next segment: students at Santa Ana's Valley High School have been working on a project involving human trafficking. The program aims at teaching them the signs of trafficking (sexual and immigrant) and how to help others feel worthwhile so they can rise out of being victimized. Students Kevin Carbajal, Ashley Hernandez, and Angelica Abarca join us in this segment.

In the third segment, the principal of Valley High, Dr. Hector Galacia, explains why he wanted this pilot-project in his school.