In Depth: Thanksgiving Special

In segment one, In Depth looks back at the good news over the past year.  

We begin with Robin Mark of the Trust for Public Land to talk about a recent grant which will allow them to turn a local elementary school into a "green" school. It involves taking schools that are basically asphalt and concrete jungles and turning them into spaces full of plants, nature, and water permeable surfaces to allow rain runoff to seep back into the water table.

Then, Hal is joined by Ben Collier, CEO OF  The Farmlink Project. He explains that the project was started by college students during the pandemic to help move surplus food to food banks. Collier explains that many college students are food insecure, and that also was motivation.

The group, as of now, has recovered about 150 million lbs. of produce and delivered it to communities around North America. For more information, you can visit

In segment two, we pick up with a segment hosted by Marla Tellez. Marla is joined by Nick Kush, the co-founder of Legacy Expeditions.

Kush is ex-military and started the Legacy Expeditions project to raise funds for the families of fallen military members. Kush and his associates participate in extreme challenges in exotic locations to raise money for Folds of Honor. For more information, visit, which provides scholarships for military and first responder families.

Then, Hal Eisner visits Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum at the Compton Woodley Airport, known as TAM.

It was founded by Black entrepreneur Robin Petgrave to be not only a display of aerial history but also a living classroom for kids who might otherwise not have these opportunities.

The organization has opened opportunities for kids from elementary school age to teens who are now working in careers as pilots, mechanics, aeronautic engineers and more.

Hal speaks to Kveon Woods, who, at age 14, is well on his way to being a pilot. He has been training at TAM since age 8.

In our next segment, we look back at Debbie Pearl with Dream Fetchers. She joins Hal to talk about her non-profit that benefits both disabled dogs and disabled humans.   
The "Unstoppable Dogs," a  group of canines with various disabilities who have been rescued, are sharing their resilience and love with people who are undergoing various challenges.  

You can follow Debbie and the dogs on social media @theunstoppabledogs.

Also in this segment is Ryan Boyd, Co-Founder of Free Animal Doctor. Boyd and rescue pup Princess show Hal how Princess is recovering after being treated for serious eye injuries and partial paralysis.

Hal and Boyd discuss how Free Animal Doctor’s crowdfunding assistance has helped nearly a thousand animals with health issues. For more information or to contribute, visit