In Depth: Skydivers and Skid Row Runners

Hal Eisner is on vacation and replaced by guest host Marla Tellez.

Marla is joined by Nick Kush, the co-founder of Legacy Expeditions.

Kush is ex-military and started the Legacy Expeditions project to raise funds for the families of fallen military members. Kush and his associates participate in extreme challenges in exotic locations in order to raise money for Folds of Honor, which provides scholarships for military and first responder families.

Marla and Nick discuss their recent missions including skydiving in seven continents in seven days, their upcoming challenge called "Drake’s Fury" where a six-man team of veterans will row from Antarctica to Chile, and why they choose these extreme adventures.

They also discuss Marla’s recent skydiving adventure to support the cause and their fundraising.

In our next segments, Judge Craig Mitchell and Mario Ocampo join Marla to talk about the Skid Row Running Club.   

The club has been going for 12 years now, and provides support for those in recovery who are seeking to better their lives. The group runs through Skid Row several time a week, on runs up to 20 miles. They also do marathons and super-marathons. They will take dedicated runners to overseas marathons to allow them to experience something they never would have thought possible.

Ocampo says his life has been completely changed by the club and his sobriety. He says he has found friends and inspiration, and is grateful for the support and friendship of Judge Mitchell.

For more on the Skid Row Runners, the documentary Skid Row Marathon is available on streaming platforms, and to support the cause, visit