In Depth: October Events

In segment one, Hal is joined by Rick Polizzi, creator of Boney Island. Polizzi  discusses the return of Boney Island to the Natural History Museum after a three-year pandemic hiatus.  

He tells us what the event is all about and how the goal is to be both funny and family friendly.

In segment two, Hal speaks to Angie Jimenez, who is the Altar director for Hollywood Forever’s Dia De Los Muertos event.  

She tells us about the background of the event and discusses how people can reserve altars to honor their loved ones and express their creativity.

In segment three, Babette Pepaj, founder of LA-based and Chief Cookie Curator for BakeCamp LA, joins Hal to discuss the Bake Camp competition. 

Three events are held in October to showcase both professional and home bakers and their delicious cookie creations.