In Depth: Michael Jackson — 10 years after

SEGMENT A: Michael Jackson: A Look Back

Few stars trigger such a wide range of emotions than Michael Jackson. From "I can't listen to him anymore" to "he's the greatest entertainer of all time." Now, 10 years after his unexpected death, we'll talk about Jackson's conflicted legacy today. Joining us with their own takes on Jackson... Entertainment Journalist Scott Huver, Jasmine Simpkins, of "Hip Hollywood", and DJ Hed of the Real 92.3 radio.

SEGMENT B: Conversation with Siggy Jackson, Michael's Nephew

Siggy Jackson's father is Jackie Jackson, Michael's brother, and one of the original Jackson 5. We spoke to Siggy about his memories of his uncle Michael, including that fateful day in 2009 when Michael Jackson died. Siggy was the first to find out about the death... and it fell on him to tell the rest of the family.

SEGMENT C: Jackson's Legacy

We see some tributes to Michael Jackson, including one from a "Moonwalker" who walks just about everywhere, backwards. We check back in with our panel: entertainment journalist Scott Huver, Jasmine Simpkins, of "Hip Hollywood", and DJ Hed of Real 92.3 radio... to discuss Michael Jackson's legacy in light of recent allegations from the HBO documentary, "Leaving Neverland."

SEGMENT D: A Final Thought

Hal Eisner's take on Jackson's Legacy, 10 years after his death.