In Depth: Learning loss and tutoring

Hal is joined by English language arts teacher Amy Manasarian, with Sierra Madre Middle School along with seventh grade Students Yoraan Zhang and Lila Cabral.

They discuss the impact that the pandemic and distance learning has had on students’ school progress. They agree that the zoom process of learning has some drawbacks, and technical glitches that sometimes made it difficult to learn. They also agree that dealing with some of those pandemic changes has brought about better flexibility and growth as well.

Phil Cutler, the CEO of Paper joins Hal in our second segment to discuss the tutoring software program that has been picked up by a number of school districts to help students catch up. He explains his motivation for devising the program, talks about how it works in a school setting and how it is provided to students.

In segment three we return to talk to Manasarian, Zhang and Cabral about their experiences with the tutoring platform, how they use it and whether it has benefited them.