In Depth: Faces of Fentanyl

Hal is joined by family members of young people who have died from fentanyl. They share their emotional stories of how the synthetic opioid took the lives of their loved ones. Many victims did not even know what they were taking was fentanyl, because they took adulterated pills.

They talk about the role of Narcan to battle the opioid crisis, with some calling it a useful tool, but one that was not designed to work on fentanyl. They also talk about its drawbacks, including "rebound" overdoses when it wears off.

The family members all agree that Narcan is not the answer, that education is the only way of dealing with the crisis, and that there is no such thing as "experimenting" with drugs these days, because an experiment could kill you with one pill.

The participants have formed various support and education organizations to help.

Those include:

Parents For Safer Children

Drug Awareness Foundation

Stop The Void

Project Eli