In Depth: Black homelessness, and Librarian of the Year 2019

Monday a new study was released showing that there's a disproportionate number of blacks who are homeless as compared to other groups.

Blacks make up 9 percent of the Los Angeles County population but 40 percent of the homeless population in the county. With that we discuss.

And, later in the show talk to the L.A. County Librarian named Library Journal's Librarian of the Year in the USA for 2019. She's Skye Patrick who's the director of the LA County Library and it's almost 90 libraries.

SEGMENT ONE: Black Homelessness Stats and Impact

In this segment, LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Jacqueline Waggoner from LA Homeless Services Authority discuss the study showing a disproportionate amount of black homelessness in the county and concerns. Also, looking at this from a state perspective Assemblyman Miguel Santiago weighing in from Sacramento.

SEGMENT TWO: Black Homelessness Fixes

We continue with Ridley-Thomas and Waggoner on how to attack the problem which has its roots in "institutional racism" and the housing crisis we have been facing in LA County for some time now.

SEGMENT THREE: Library Journal's Librarian of the Year is from L.A. County

Skye Patrick isn't your average librarian. If anything, she likes being the face of a new generation of librarians creating programs the address the interests of today's younger readers and older ones as well! Because of her efforts, she's been recognized as the Library Journal's 2019 Librarian of the Year for 2019. She discusses her programs some, of which, are unique.

Listen to the What The Hal Podcast with Skye Patrick here:


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