LAFD service calls up by hundreds this 4th of July, illegal fireworks suspected

The approach to LAX and the skies below were peppered with fireworks on the 4th of July. 

It was sight to behold, but each colorful explosion was very likely illegal.

Only on FOX 11, Raul Ramirez shared his video of a palm tree on fire that singed the roof of an apartment building.

"Everybody was on their phone trying to either call or record," Ramirez said. 

His father, Raul Sr., jumped into action.

The father and son run a mobile detailing business. 

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"To be able to have the hoses and pressure washer and the tons and tons of water required to stand there all the time," Ramirez said.

Only the tip of the palm tree was still smoldering when Los Angeles firefighters finally arrived to this Canoga Park neighborhood.

Ramirez claims he dreads July 4th and believes the number of illegal fireworks shows is going up. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed that the calls for service went up by 200 over a typical day. 

Both the LAPD and LA Sheriff's Department refused to provide specific numbers on complaints due to illegal fireworks.

Neighbors on Nextdoor reported illegal fireworks disturbing their pets, their sleep, and their well-being, hearing fireworks continuing into the early morning hours- 2 a.m., 3 a.m., even 4:30 a.m. 

Ramirez has very strong feelings about what should happen to those caught blowing off fireworks. 

"I think arson should somehow be included in this... because you're not licensed to be working with these pyrotechnics… what’s the difference between that and shooting a gun off in the street?"

"Danger could fall to an innocent person."

Citizens can submit firework complaints through the city of Los Angeles' website at