IKEA glass furniture is spontaneously exploding, customers say

Everyone loves a good bargain on home goods, but customers are naturally livid over reports that IKEA's glass tables are spontaneously shattering.

The latest incident was reported by an Indiana woman, who says she overheard a "big boom" from her teenage son's bedroom and discovered that his glass-top "Glasholm" IKEA desk shattered on its own, RTV6 reports.

"I was cooking dinner, when I heard a big sound like a big boom, and my first thought was a tree had fallen into the house, that's how loud it was," Holly Burns said.

As IKEA investigates this incident, the Consumer Product Safety Commission features dozens of similar complaints regarding the self-implosion of various IKEA glass furniture products, including the company's Granås glass tabletop that "exploded without warning" and sent glass "everywhere," and another glass-topped desk that exploded in what "sounded like a shotgun blast."

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