Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered at state capitol

Hundreds of people gathered at the Arizona State Capitol today in support of President Trump. This rally was in solidarity with the many marches in support of the President across the nation today.

Supporters there voiced their high hopes for the future of the United States with Trump in the Oval Office, such as tax cuts, a stimulated economy, and most importantly: putting Americans first.

For Michael Conway, that message in particular means a lot to him.

"I lost my trade in my line of work because illegal aliens came in and took over the business," said Conway.

He was in the construction business, but he says as the number of undocumented immigrants who came over the border rose, his career diminished.

"They more they got into the trade, the most they would not allow a white guy to work on the job anymore," said Conway. "I hope I can get a job building the wall."