How to save money at music festivals

If you happen to have plans to attend a music festival, that means you're also planning to spend some money. 

But that doesn't mean you can't save along the way. 

Here are some tips to stay money-wise.


Take advantage of presale. Buy tickets as soon as possible, since ticket prices to the event are likely to go up as the dates near. 

Make a budget

Plan ahead and think of how much you're going to spend daily. Now here's the ard part - stick to it!

If you're with a group, consider spitting costs - there are even apps like Splitwise that do it all for you.

Don't impulse buy

Beware of impulse spending - it can be costly and destroy your budget, especially if you've already splurged by going to the event. 

Don't buy that $70 souvenir t-shirt when you're there. You'll likely find a better deal online but just a few days later.

Pack smart

Bring empty water bottles, fanny packs, a couple of phone chargers - a lot of festivals charge you to charge. 

Don't wear clothes you actually care about. There will likely be lots of spilling and dirt so don't wear anything you're attached to and have to end up buying new clothes.

Avoid ATMs on-site

Try not to use ATMs at the the festival - fees charged to withdraw cash on site are very expensive. Try Apple Pay and make sure to find out what payment methods are and plan ahead.