How to make your kids feel safe going back to school

The Los Angeles Unified School District will provide counselors on Wednesday for students and faculty who need additional support after the electronic threat that closed schools district wide.

"I decided to close schools, and this choice was not made lightly," Superintendent Ramon Cortines said in a statement. "It disrupted the lives of our students, our employees and their families."

With children out of school, some parents also were forced to stay home from work. A group of mothers from Franklin Avenue Elementary School in Hollywood took their kids to play in the park.

"I don't think they really understand what's going on," parent, Shlomit Yellin-Arbor, said. "And they've pretty much been that way all day."

Another mother, Emily Johnson, explained to her 4th grader and kindergartner what happened.

"I just said somebody called and said that there might be something unsafe in the schools and until they clear it and make sure everything is OK they are not going to let anybody back in," Johnson said.

The district said, many parents are asking for guidance on what information to share with their children.

FOX 11 spoke with Stephanie Marcy, a pediatric psychologist at Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

"We really want the information to be shared by a trusted safe person, so that they don't get misinformation or there doesn't become hysteria," Marcy said.

She advises, conversations between parents and kids should be age appropriate.

"I can't really think of a reason why a young child would need to know about this because it wouldn't change how they would behave or act in school," she said.

"I'll tell my 4 th grader everything but the kindergartner we do it to their level," Johnson said.

In the short term, Marcy said parents should return to their normal routine to calm any fears their child still might have.

"A lot of kids may say they don't want to go to school tomorrow," Marcy said. "Some maybe just because they liked having the day off and not because there was something scary."

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