Hot Strike Summer: Hotel workers picket in Beverly Hills

Guests from a Beverly Hills five-star hotel got a different kind of greeting Wednesday. 

The pickets from striking hotel workers filled the sidewalk from the Beverly Hilton on the north to the Waldorf Astoria to the south. 

By now, in the summer of strikes, it's a familiar demand.

"We need a better raise, salary, better health care, and a contract for three years," said hotel worker Barbina Nunez.

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The division of the haves and have-nots seems particularly vast when working at a luxury hotel. 

"I clean rooms every single day," said hotel worker Lucer Ramirez. 

A night at the Waldorf Astoria is more than $1,300. 

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But the Hotel Association of Los Angeles points out Unite Here Local 11 represents hotels at all price points. 

The union rejected the most recent offer of an immediate $2 per hour raise. 

Instead, the union demands a $5 an hour raise. 

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"First they have to come to the table and be able to negotiate," said Pete Hillan with the Hotel Association of Los Angeles.