Hot weather leads to rattlesnake alert in one OC neighborhood

The hot weather is leading to a rattlesnake alert in one Orange County neighborhood.

"It's very alarming when you see this right in your backyard.", said Christina Towles.

She describes how three baby rattlesnakes have taken up residence in her Anaheim Hills neighborhood. There were three sightings in the past week including this one on Friday.

"The one that was alarming is the one that was on the side of my next-door neighbors home. It was a baby and it was tucked in under one of the eaves so I called animal control" said Towles.

After they captured the snake, Towles snapped this picture of the slithery creature and posted it on a neighborhood Facebook blog.

"I wanna make everyone aware because there's a lot of kids up here that just love playing outside. Towles said.

Meanwhile, outside in Santa Monica, folks enjoying biking at the beach and ball at the park not letting the unseasonably hot temperatures spoil their fun.

At Harry Dotson Park in Stanton, the wet saloon splash pad is dry so park visitors are finding other ways to keep cool.

"Just stay hydrated, got my hydro flask here so just making sure I stay hydrated." Said Joseph Ruvalcaba. He is enjoying time with his family but thinks the April heat is just a bit too much.

"With the whole weather here in California is beautiful but it's a little too early for that." Ruvalcaba said.

Meanwhile, back in Anaheim Hills as the heat draws out rattlesnakes, residents will remain on high alert as summer snakes its way into So Cal.

"Obviously there's probably more lurking around the corner." Towles laughed.