Homeowners worry about fire danger from homeless encampments

Homeowners who live near homeless encampments in fire prone areas want police to enforce a new ordinance that allows law enforcement to clear homeless out of high risk fire areas during red flag warnings.

Those red flag conditions are now just hours away, but residents in those fire prone areas say nothing has been done to clear out the homeless.

Resident Lyle Perkins knows the dangers of the Santa Ana winds. Almost two years ago the Creek Fire burned right up to her Lakeview Terrace home, but now those windy conditions are coming back. And she's worried about the numerous homeless encampments in the Hansen Dam area.

'I was out there today and probably passed four different encampments, lots of flammable materials, lots of people that are there', Perkins said.

Local resident Kurt Koesler shares the same concerns.

'Right now where we’re standing there’s a homeless encampment under the bridge up here and there’s another one down here and the one down here has probably had 12 fires under it, and nothings happened', Koesler said.

They have reason to be worried in December 2017 the Skirball Fire destroyed six homes and damaged a dozen others. Investigators determined it was started by cooking at a nearby homeless encampment.

This past July, a fire in the Sepulveda Basin threatened 100 homeless people at an encampment.

Just last month the city of L.A. passed an ordinance that allows police to clear homeless encampments in high risk fire areas during red flag warnings and arrest those who dont comply.

But with red flag conditions  just hours away SkyFox found homeless encampments still in the Sepulveda Basin and in the Hansen Dam area. Both areas are prone to fires leaving residents wondering if anything will be done.