Homeless encampments cleaned up along Venice canals

City crews were out Wednesday beautifying the streets along the Venice canals and removing a large homeless encampment.  

Since cleanup began, LA City officials said they relocated about 40 people, most into motels and others into private homes with available rooms through a program called SHARE.  

"Today's achievement is a testament to our city's dedication, the commitment of our non-profit partners, and our community's unity," said Councilwoman Traci Park. "It shows what we can accomplish when we work together towards a shared goal."

The program is run by Brian Ulf with a contract under the local council district. 

"There's no real estate cost because the homes are already there and the people that we bring into those homes have income," Ulf told FOX 11. 

Councilwoman Park said this cleanup was planned for months and while the city has its own overall idea, each council district should take action on its own. 

"One of the things we are wrangling with as a city, as a county, as a region, is a coordinated strategy and approach," Park said. 

The cleanup in Venice is not part of Mayor Karen Bass' Inside safe program. 

According to a statement released by Park's office, she has been working with local residents since taking office to beautify the parkway along Venice Boulevard at Dell Avenue. According to her office, since taking office, Park has helped house 200 people living on the streets of the 11th District into interim and permanent housing.