Hollywood club accused of discrimination after promoter allegedly instructs: 'No hood black or fat'

A popular Hollywood club called The Argyle is being accused of racial discrimination after a text from a third party promoter working with the club instructed a customer not to bring any 'hood black' people.

It's no secret that Los Angeles has a reputation for being superficial, and nightclubs often pick and choose who they want to let in, but two patrons are accusing the Argyle and the promoter of taking things too far.

Fatell Baldonado tells FOX 11 he was planning on having a birthday party at The Argyle, he reached out to Sharif Hasan, a third party promoter who works with Hollywood clubs including The Argyle.

"He said he could take care of me for my birthday, have some guests take care of me, give me a bottle or two," Baldonado said.

It's no secret that many clubs have specific clientele that they adhere to, but Baldonado says when he told Hasan he would bring a large group of friends, the conversation took a turn.

"There was just some blatant discrimination taking place via text message," Baldonado said.
Baldonado provided FOX 11 with a screenshot of a text message he received from Hasan."

"If you [have] any of their [Instagram] or pics send cuz they're strict [at] the door," Hasan writes. "Gotta be 8/10 no hood black or fat."

"And I'm like, lol what do you mean bro, I have some that are hot models and some that are kinda like whatever, average looking, plus size, whatever, what's the point, is it a problem?" Baldonado said.

Baldonado told FOX 11 Hasan replied that the Argyle has strict standards, structure at the door, and they won't let in anybody who doesn't look a certain way.

"And I was like so if I bring anyone black, ghetto, anything like whatever you discriminated against women that are plus size, they're not getting in? I'm like, this isn't right, you can get in trouble for this type of stuff. He said oh I can't get in trouble, this is the club's policy."

Baldonado says, he didn't want to cancel the planned birthday party, and that Hassan told him he'll take care of them, so they showed up later that night.

"So we go through with it, we get there, and it's just blatant disrespect man," Baldonado said.
Baldonado says Hassan began telling him certain guests couldn't get in, specifically his black guests. One of them was Derick Jackson.

"The promoter was pretty much very aggressive with me," Jackson said.

Jackson said while he was about to pay the forty dollar cover, he was told he wasn't welcome.

"He looked at me again and said you know what, I don't want your money, we can't get in, you can't get in," Jackson said.

"And the only ones they're saying can't come in are my African guests, my black guests, my friends, my brothers."

They tell FOX 11 that Hasan did allow some of their friends into the Argyle, but they all ended up leaving in protest.

"Do you think you weren't let into the club because you're black?" FOX 11 asked.

"I do. Yes I do. I know so, I believe so, after reading the text messages yes I do," Jackson said.

When FOX 11 reached out to Hasan, he said in a phone call that he was simply upholding the Argyle's standards, which he admitted can sometimes be discriminatory. He said most Hollywood clubs operate the same way, and said Baldonado brought too many guys, not enough women, and showed up late.

After initially agreeing to an interview with FOX 11, Hasan then backed out, and said in a text message that Baldonado is "Just an idiot trying to make a big deal out of knowing club policy", then added that "He's just doing his job and any business has the right to refuse entry."

The Argyle has an overall two star rating on Yelp, and many of the clubns one star reviews accuse it of racism, or sexism.

One poster writes, "They refused to let black girls in".

Another writes, "Sexist and racist place, they pick and choose the women they want to let in, if you aren't considered good looking enough they won't let you in."

And another writes that the doorman turned away every black female because "they weren't good enough" to get into the Argyle.

In response to Hasan's comments, an Argyle representing wrote FOX 11 in part:

"That individual does not work for The Argyle. Our policies are completely inclusive of all individuals. We will occasionally deny entrance due to dress codes that are based on a common industry wide policy. Every one of our evenings are completely diverse. The words used are highly offensive and I can assure you they do not represent our culture or organization."

Hasan told FOX 11 Wednesday afternoon that he knows what he said in the text was wrong, and seemed to be apologetic.

He also said he's been told he can no longer do any work for the Argyle.

Meanwhile, Baldonado and Jackson say they won't be going back.

"I don't want to support this venue, I don't want to support the cause," Baldonado said.
"Everybody deserves to be what they want to be," Jackson said. No one should be forced away because of how they look, size, standard, whatever the case may be, we're all human beings."

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