Highland Park furniture staging business destroyed in latest string of fires; Arson investigation underway

A fire that destroyed a furniture staging business in Highland Park is the latest in the area where fire officials are asking for the public’s help in catching whoever is responsible for at least seven fires since May 4. 

The incident off Figueroa began at a homeless encampment set up in front of the building, according to Los Angeles Fire Captain Eddie Marez, who couldn’t comment on witness reports that shopping carts on fire were smashed into the front of the furniture business before it exploded into flames. 

But residents are weary. 

A few blocks away, signs put up by City Fire are asking the public for help in a series of fires between May 4 and 29 that destroyed buildings in Hermon Park. 

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Trash containers behind a Pizza diner and Supermarket were also lit on fire, according to the posting, which asks area residents with cameras to check their security video. 

They don’t know yet if this latest incident is directly related to those, but ask anyone with information to call Arson Investigator Robert McCloud at 213-893-9827