High-speed street pursuit ends in N.H. carjacking, collision with police cruiser

Police chased a car containing a possible murder suspect through the streets of North Hollywood at high speeds, a pursuit that ended when the driver fled from the vehicle, appeared to carjack an SUV and then quickly collided head-on into a pursuing cruiser.

The chase began and ended in North Hollywood with a foray into Burbank.

The speeding car, with three people inside, raced on surface streets and the Golden State (5) Freeway, narrowly missing other vehicles and pedestrians and at one point plowing into some trash cans.

The driver then abandoned the car and, according to helicopter footage shown live online on some local news stations, fled from police on foot through a grassy area for several minutes before he appeared to carjack the SUV, with its driver running to safety. The suspect didn't get far, as a police SUV quickly moved in and the two SUVs collided head-on in the area of Sherman Way and Whitsett Avenue.

The suspect was then taken into custody.