High school teacher charged with sexually assaulting student

A high school teacher has been charged with sexually assaulting on one of her students.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office announced on Monday that Gina Murry of Esteban Torres High School had been arrested in September 5 and charged with six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and four counts each of lead act upon a child, oral copulation of a person under 16 and sexual penetration by a foreign object.

The DA's office said the investigation stemmed from a complaint that Murry, 32, had been in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student for a two-month period that started in May 2018.

According to several students who anonymously spoke to reporter, Leah Uko, the teen had bragged about his sexual relationship with Murry and allegedly showed his classmates nude pictures of the biology teacher.

The students said this was how teachers were made aware of the relationship.

Los Angeles Unified School District released a statement that parents were notified Murry had been reassigned from Esteban Torres High School.

It added that the allegations were "disturbing and undermine our continuing efforts to provide a secure learning environment for all of our students."

Murry posted her $250,000 bail the same day she was arrested according to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, which is investigating this case.

Her arraignment is scheduled for this Wednesday.

If convicted, Murry could face 17 years in prison.