North Hollywood residents claim HGTV's Tarek El Moussa is evicting them for a 'big flip'

A group of North Hollywood residents was outraged and were scrambling to find solutions after they say they face eviction, which has reportedly been linked to the star of a home improvement show, who denies his involvement. 

The residents living in the bungalows off Hartsook Street, including seniors and disabled people, have been there for decades. 

Now, an alleged project for the site initially rumored to be linked to HGTV star Tarek El Moussa is on the verge of ruining their lives.

The property had been owned by real estate developer Arthur Aslanian, who is now in federal prison for a murder-for-hire plot and arson. 

According to the complaint, Aslanian paid someone to try to burn down one of the units to push the tenants out, and to avoid the proper eviction process.

El Moussa's camp reached out to FOX 11 following the 3 p.m. newscast Thursday, saying the HGTV star does not yet own the building. They clarified he is one of the partners of NoHo 138 project, a large-scale 138-unit apartment complex.

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El Moussa's camp told FOX 11 that the tenants were not evicted, but rather were given letters to relocate, per the Ellis Law.

TEM said earlier Thursday that the HGTV star has nothing to do with the previous owner and that they are working with the city to be sensitive to the present tenants' needs.

"While we are aware that the previous owner of the property has been involved with several serious legal matters, the partners of NoHo 138 previously and currently do not have any involvement, connection or relationship with the seller, nor will they have any relationship in the future following the property transfer," TEM says on their website. 

"The goal is to work closely and respectfully with the current tenants by providing proper move-out compensation and constructing a safe and pristine new apartment complex that will also include fourteen low-income units."

The tenants claim they are not being offered enough to even pay for a deposit, equating to a first and last month's , let alone moving expenses. 

HGTV star Tarek El Moussa is seen here for a promotional video in front of the bungalows off Hartsook Street in North Hollywood, where his company plans to build a luxury apartment complex. 

"He is doing it legally," said one tenant. "It’s just not just, and it is destroying people’s lives, so he can make his money."

El Moussa's camp explained via email that the City of Los Angeles determined that a new structure needed to be constructed on the premises and requested that the structures be removed pursuant to California Civil Code Section 1946. 

"Additionally, The City has been notified pursuant to LAMC 151.09 (C) 4 (a), including the date of the delivery of the Notice of Intent to Withdraw to the Department," El Moussa's camp said in an email statement.

A statement on the project timeline on TEM's website states in part:

"Grant Keene, Shahar Kalev, and Evan Krasik visited the tenants on March 2, 2023 and introduced our team personally to them to assure them the process will be handled with the utmost respect. An open line of communication was established with the tenants attorney and both sides agreed to handle the move out agreement to ensure the smoothest route possible. The entire process has been and will continue to be handled justly through the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) and a legal relocation advisor in order to make 100% sure the relocation is performed according to the law, and that the existing tenants are treated respectfully and lawfully. The City of LA Housing has sent the three remaining tenants their relocation notices and we will continue to handle any potential move out agreements if desired by the existing tenants during this period of time. Proper monetary compensation will be offered to interested tenants who would prefer to leave early."