Here's how you can turn those annoying robocalls into cash

Phones around the country are ringing off the hook with those annoying robocalls.

Consumers are doing everything in their power to make the calls stop, but blocking the number and attempting to opt-out aren't getting the job done.

FOX's Steve Noviello appeared on Good Day Philadelphia Wednesday morning to share how he turned those robocalls into more than $5,000 in cash in just 10 days.

Steve did it with the help of, a website run by a consumer credit expert that sells the secret to turn those annoying calls into cash.

The site points to a little known portion of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act designed to protect consumers from auto-dials and robocallers. It also allows consumers to collect cash from callers who break the law and are subject to fines.

Here are a few steps to set you on the path to collecting cash:

Once you have made your demands, the company will either stop contacting you, or they'll negotiate.