Hawk goes for ride on hood of car through Downtown L.A.

You could call it a completely unexpected "ride share." A hawk lands on the hood of a car, then takes a spin through downtown Los Angeles, and it's all caught on camera.

Rebecca Hobbs and Staci Eddy were going to get paint when the Coopers Hawk landed on their Ford Fusion and rode with them for more than 15 minutes.

"It felt like he was staring into my soul and it was freaky," said Hobbs who was the driver at the time.

Would your husband know what to do?" Eddy asks Hobbs in the video from the passenger seat. "No," laughs Hobbs. So, the next person they thought of was their bird expert friend, ironically, the Black Hawk Down Screenwriter, Ken Nolan.

"Do you have maybe a dead relative who is talking to you?" Nolan laughs in the FaceTime video.

Nolan told Fox 11 Reporter Hailey Winslow he spends hours in the woods with binoculars, scouring for hawks and then his good friends just have one land on their car in the middle of downtown L.A.

"If it was in a movie, no one would believe it," Nolan said.

"All these people are around us looking at us, staring, everybody in the car is pulling out phones, trying to get video of it because it was the craziest thing," said Hobbs. "I will say it's the first time my husband has ever complimented my driving."

Bird experts say the hawk is likely disoriented and may have temporarily lost motor skills. They recommend in this situation to call the state fish and wildlife conservation commission.

"He actually flew up to the sunroof and was looking at us through the sunroof and that was weird," said Eddy. "Eventually he flew away, and he was fine but it was almost like we were the animals in the zoo. He was really interested in us."

"You know when you get in an Uber and you're like 'oh this guy is driving me?'" Hobbs said. "That's what the hawk was thinking: 'Damn wrong choice.'"