Gunman Barricaded Inside Metro PCS Store In Palms

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PALMS (CNS) - A gunman, who reportedly has taken hostages, has barricaded himself inside a Metro PCS store in the Palms area and a Los Angeles police SWAT team is at the scene trying to negotiate a peaceful end to the standoff.

The barricade began shortly after 7 p.m., at the Metro PCS phone service store near the intersection of Venice Boulevard and Delmas Terrace, according to desk officers at LAPD's Metropolitan and Pacific divisions and emergency radio transmissions from the scene.

Officers from LAPD's Pacific Division were the first to respond, but the lead in handling this situation has been turned over to an LAPD SWAT team which is trying to negotiate an end to the standoff, according to the LAPD desk officers.

It's not clear yet whether there is one or more than one gunman inside the store. Neither is the number and condition of the reported hostages known
at this point.

No other details were immediately available.