Good Samaritan tows boat hauling cocaine to Long Beach from Colombia coast

Coast Guard officials seized more than 200 pounds of cocaine Sunday after a good Samaritan towed a boat that had become disabled off the coast of Colombia all the way to Long Beach.

The small boat became disabled off the Colombia coast on July 4. The two people on board flagged down a good Samaritan on their way to Long Beach. That boat took on the two passengers and towed their boat. 

The Coast Guard did not say what the disabled boat's original destination was.

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As they all approached Long Beach Sunday, the good Samaritan's crew contacted the local Coast Guard to help with the boat's recovery. When they got to the harbor, the crew told the Coast Guard that there may be drugs on the ship they towed.

After investigating, Coast Guard officials found 223 pounds of cocaine hidden in a false bottom in the boat. The two people from the disabled boat were taken into custody, and officials seized both the drugs and the boat.