Girl shot in class at L.A. middle school speaks out

A 12-year-old girl who was accidentally shot in class at Sal Castro Middle School this month is speaking out about what led up to the shooting.

7th grader Ashra Felix suffered serious damage to her hand and wrist after she was accidentally shot by a classmate who had brought a gun to school in her backpack.

"I just heard the sound and felt the pain," Felix said. "I just looked at my wrist and just saw a lot of blood coming out. ‪The girl brought the gun and she said that it was an automatic gun so it went off when she dropped the backpack, I don't believe that‬, if it went off from dropping, it would've hit a desk instead of me."

The bullet shattered her wrist, tearing tendons and nerves in the process.

Felix said her teacher immediately ran and got a history teacher to come help.

"He helped me by taking off his belt and putting it around my wrist," she said.

Two weeks later, Felix's physical wounds are healing, but the emotional damage is not.

"Whenever I come to school I just have a little fear of panicking, just like a lot of anxiety because I think it's gonna happen again and I don't wanna relive what happened," she said.

A 12-year-old boy at Sal Castro Middle School was also shot in the head by the same bullet. He survived, but has a long road to recovery.

The 12-year-old female student who brought the gun was arrested on felony charges.

Police still don't know where she got the gun.