Girl and kitten, both amputees, form special bond

When A New Day Pet Rescue needed to place a kitten with three legs, they called Shriners Hospital to see if they knew anyone who could empathize. It turned out they had the perfect little girl in mind-- 8-year-old Colleen Tronnes.

Colleen was born with one leg smaller than the other. Because of the pain it caused her, she decided to have it amputated in 2016. Shriners Hospital performed the surgery, and fitted Colleen with a prosthetic. Soon she was doing things she could never do before, out on the tennis court and on the ski slopes.

"It's nice to know that this family knows what the cat's going through," Abby Meyer of Shriners Hospital told Fox 9. "They know that just because you're missing a limb doesn't mean that's a limitation."

And now her new feline friend will be by her side.

Colleen's mother, Ellen Tronnes said, "I love it because she can see herself, you know? That she's not a huge anomalie."

Just one look at these two and it's clear-- it's possible to find the perfect friend.