Georgia House passes the 'heartbeat bill'

The Georgia House voted Friday in favor of the controversial abortion bill, nicknamed the "Heartbeat Bill". The legislation now heads to the desk of Governor Brian Kemp, who has vowed to sign it into law.

Following the Georgia House of Representatives final passage, Kemp issued the following statement:

House Bill 481 would ban most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which is around six weeks of gestation. Women in Georgia can currently seek an abortion up to 20 weeks into a pregnancy. The bill makes exceptions in the case of rape and incest, but only when the woman files a police report first, as well as when a fetus is deemed not compatible with life.

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The Senate's version passed by a 34-18 vote last Friday, but the changes approved by the Senate had to be approved and reconciled in the House.

Both sides have been making their voices heard at the State Capitol throughout the process.

"I believe that humanity supersedes choice," said Jessica Daniel with Georgia Life Alliance. "So the human being inside of us is above that choice for abortion.

Opponents are concerned that the bill will not stop abortions in Georgia, just force women to seek unsafe, illegal procedures.

In response to the passage of the bill in the House, ACLU of Georgia Executive Director Andrea Young released the following statement to FOX 5:

Similar measures are moving through legislatures in Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and South Carolina.

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