‘Game changer’: Costco offers eggnog wine cocktails for the holidays

Costco is offering Kirkland Signature Eggnog Wine Cocktails for the holidays.

An Instagram account called @costcobuys snapped a photo of the traditional holiday product.

“Game changer!” @costcobuys said. “My Costco just got these 1.5 liter Kirkland Egg Nog Wine Cocktails! This is made with real dairy cream, contains 13.9% Alc/Vol, and is best served over ice. I cannot WAIT to enjoy the holidays with this right by my side!” 

On the bottle, a photo shows a barn with a fence in front of it, with snow-topped trees in the background. 

The product is 27.8 proof in 1.5 liter bottles, and costs $8.99. 

Some consumers are recommending the eggnog wine cocktail be served with ice.