Free admission offered at the Museum of Contemporary Art, thanks to $10M gift

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Admission to the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles will soon be free, thanks to a $10 million gift from the president of the museum's Board of Trustees.

Trustees President Carolyn Clark Powers announced her pledge Saturday, during a benefit to celebrate MOCA's 40th anniversary.

"Carolyn's gift is an inspiration to us all!" MOCA Board of Trustees Chair Maria Seferian said. "We have aspired to be able to provide free general admission for some time, and it is only with this incredible gift that we can now make it a reality. This is a major moment in the life and history of MOCA. We hope to increase accessibility and engagement with our visitors. Free general admission is a step towards making the museum a more inclusive cultural and civic hub. What a great 40th birthday present!''

"This is not a badge for me," Powers said. "Rather, it's a way for me to support the museum and be of service to the Los Angeles community. I am committed to the museum*s continued success and leadership, and to MOCA being at the forefront of diversity, inclusiveness, and openness of spirit. Art has the unique ability to bridge cultural and socio-economic divides. Charging admission is counterintuitive to art's ability and purpose to connect, inspire, and heal people."

Officials said the museum will immediately begin working on a roll-out plan to implement the new admission policy.

MOCA is located at 250 S Grand Ave. For more information, click here.

CNS contributed to this report.