FOX 11 rides along with Pomona police as officers hunt for illegal fireworks

The Pomona Police Department is bringing FOX 11 along as they hunt for illegal fireworks in their city on this Fourth of July holiday.

Officers decided not to cite the father because he was cooperative and had his kids with him.

And that was just the first stop of the night

Corporal James Gibson with Pomona pd tells us the calls just started pouring in.

Citizens will call and generate reports tell us where everything is going on, as we go down the street you'll see them popping up or you'll just start to hear them.

As the sun went down the activity picked up, but not all were from the big booms.

This family had their fireworks confiscated because of the serious fire risk and one man was cited

As it got even darker the Pomona skies came alive.

Police stumbled upon this family using fireworks in a cul de sac, they were confiscated, asked to clean up and given a citation.

It was more of the same just a few blocks away where more citations were given out for illegal fireworks.

It was just the beginning hours of whats sure to be a busy night.

And hopefully a safe one.