FOX 11 News In Depth: The smartphone craze

A study in 2004 found cell phone users couldn't live without their mobile devices. That's three years before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world as, "an iPod, a phone and an internet communicator."

Things haven't changed much.

Tech expert Juan Carlos Bagnell, host of the podcast PocketNow Weekly says that in his mind, the iPhone was one of the top three inventions of all time just behind FIRE and the WHEEL.

He was serious about that.

Back before the iPhone came out ten years ago, he says our interests changed and Apple picked up on that. Bagnell says, "We started to become more interested in building cellular communications into these handheld devices." Then, "...along comes Steve Jobs and he's taking all of these separate technologies - stapling them together into this one touch screen device and enabling consumers to have access to data on the go." He says, "The first iPhone totally captivated the public's imagination on what they could do while on the go."

Just like many did on Friday for the launch of iPhone X, consumers stood in long lines ten years ago to get the very first one.

A decade ago Apple shook up the mobile communications world with the iPhone...and the iPhone landscape is apparently still shaking.