FOX 11 News In Depth: Policing in 2017

In our 7th show since starting FOX 11 News IN DEPTH, we spend the entire half hour exploring policing in 2017.

We talk to community activists concerned about police-related issues, the president of the police union, we go to the LAPD Police Museum to look at the agencies history, and in Santa Monica, we visit a program aimed at helping kids learn to trust police officers.

SEGMENT ONE: (watch video here)

In the first two segments of our show, we discuss the request this week from LA Police Chief Charlie Beck and the LA Police Commission asking members of the public to weigh-in on when police body-cam video should be released to the public. In Segment ONE we hear from police officers on the beat on their feelings about the state of policing in 2017 and we talk with Los Angeles Police Protective League President Craig Lally and LA Police Commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill.

SEGMENT TWO: (watch video here)

In Segment TWO author and critic Earl Ofari Hutchinson and Hamid Kahn from the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition comment on what they think should be done with body-cam video.

You can get more on the body-cam video questionnaire here.

In Segment THREE we visit the LA Police Museum and see decades of the organization's past through the eyes of retired officer Sam Catalfamo.

SEGMENT THREE: (watch video here)

Segment FOUR takes us to Santa Monica to the PAL after-school program where we see how police are working with kids to provide a meaningful activities program with, they hope, will help encourage kids to better understand what police do.

SEGMENT FOUR: (watch video here)

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