FOX 11 News In Depth: Part 3

FOX 11 News In Depth: Part 3


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  • The Tuesday evening weather forecast for LA.
  • Searchers focused on the area around Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County.
  • Two big-rigs and several cars were involved in a fiery crash. One person was killed and others badly hurt.
  • A Venice woman donated a kidney to her co-worker. The two work at the Lowe's in Venice.
  • Watch as Ben Ketola attempts to set a record for the fastest 300 game. Video courtesy Ben Ketola.
  • 1 killed in fiery big rig multi-car crash on 5 freeway
  • Pro Tip: If you’re a wanted woman or man, don’t drive around in an SUV with bullet holes.

Adrien Broner had an OVI warrant for his arrest. Yep, OVI as in Operating Vehicle Intoxicated.

Adrien was driving from Ohio to Kentucky and was pulled
  • The space Smurfs are coming! The space Smurfs are coming!

Director James Cameron has revealed the release dates of four upcoming Avatar sequels. ‘Memba that movie?!

Eleven years after the original, Avatar 2 arrives December 18, 2020. Finally!