Federal workers anxious for back pay

After announcing a three-week continuing resolution to reopen the government, President Trump announced on Friday, "I will make sure that all employees receive their back pay very quickly or as soon as possible."

For some that was excellent news. Keith Jeffries is the Federal Security Director for Los Angeles area airports including LAX.

Upon hearing the President's Rose Garden speech Jeffries said, "I'm absolutely excited at this point so our employees will receive their pay that they haven't received for the last month."

As for back pay, he says, "It'll take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours to process but whenever it comes it'll be exciting when it comes."

That's because, like all the workers under him, Jeffries hasn't gotten paid.

For FAA workers like Caesari Vallente, the news was better than it had been. "I'm relieved...until February 15th. When that date comes around…back to square one," said the FAA tech-op.

That's because a border wall is still on the President's mind and agenda. As he put it in his Rose Garden speech, "barriers, fencing or walls or whatever you wanna call it will be an important part of the solution."

But right now to some at the FAA like Curtis Calabrese, "All this is doing is kicking the can for a while."

Then there's FAA engineer Larry Calvin. He's taken a beating. His wife is out of the country and he's feeling the pinch of not getting a check.

"I have to take medications. I'm not going to get one for next month," said Calvin.

Calvin says he may have to start breaking his pills and taking only half doses till he gets his back pay. A lot of his medicine comes from the Veterans Administration. He says it's tough but "I'll be okay. I just have to be careful."

What about Passengers? Fox 11's Hal Eisner spoke to some who felt the partial shutdown has been "unfortunate."

Larry Jackson used to work for the federal government. He's retired now. He says, he feels safe flying during the shutdown, but adds if this happens again February 15, "I won't feel that safe."

Friday was a challenging day at LaGuardia Airport in New York. Not enough air traffic controllers to do the job curtailed flights -- temporarily shutting down the airport.

It's not just airport workers. The Coast Guard has been impacted. At the Bob Hope USO, they've been working to help local Guards members and their families get by. Bob Kurkjian is President of Bob Hope USO and said, "There are over 2000 members and family member right here and they're not getting a paycheck."

So, Last week the USO went to Long Beach and gave out $6,500 dollars in grocery and gas cards to help Coast Guard families.

"It's a real burden for them to go without pay," said Kurkjian.

President Trump signed a bill Friday evening to temporarily open the federal government for three weeks after the Senate and House of Representatives passed it the same day.