Facts about the AR-15

Passing an FBI in-store background check and are at least 18-years-old, as long as a buyer meets those requirements, they can walk into a gun store in Georgia and purchase the same rifle Florida authorities said was used to kill high school students there.

The weapon with no extras will cost between $500 and $700.

Todd Widdon, a manager at the Smyrna gun store called Adventure Outdoors, said the AR-15 requires no special permit for purchase.

He said there is much misinformation about the weapon. For example, the initials "AR" do not stand for assault rifle. It is actually the acronym for a manufacturer that designed the original model. It is a semi-automatic gun, meaning a capable shooter does have the ability to shoot faster follow-up shots.

Widdon said the gun typically comes with a magazine of thirty rounds. Those that want larger capacity, the store sells bigger magazines, as many as two hundred.