Excited Laker fans gearing up for Friday's game

From a muralist painting a whole house purple, with Lakers logos and players images. To a young woman who worked with Kobe and continues his tradition of working with young adults. Lakers fans around Los Angeles are showing their spirit and sharing their feelings about this moment in history.

Hector Arias is also known as online as @TETRISWAi on Instagram. He is a talented muralist, and his latest work is on a house set to be demolished at 426 E 30th Street, in Los Angeles. It makes for a great selfie if you want to drive by.

The house will be demolished in about two months, so you do have some time.

Tiana Gayton woks as the Development Manager with the After School All Stars, Los Angeles, which provides much needed programs for thousand of young adults in Southern California, from academics, to sports, and beyond.

Kobe Bryant was one of their Ambassadors and for Gayton, who had worked with Kobe at his camps, it’s incredible to see what the Lakers are managing to do, in such difficult times.

For her work with the organization, she actually got a few virtual tickets to watch the games. In our story you can see her image taunting the opposite side (they can see her, but not hear her during the games at the bubble).

“If Kobe we’re here today, we would be very proud," says Tiana, choking up.You can check out the organization, and the amazing things it manages to do, even during COVID closures, at la-allstars.org.

'Feel free to click on the donate button,' adds Gaytong, since the one thing they are not able to do like before is raise money. With COVID that means they can’t have events to raise funds they need for the programs. If you happen to watch the game, on TV, and see a very excited virtual image among the crowd, it’s probably Gayton.