Enjoying Empire and Why The Show Works

A toast "To The Empire." The hit series is a hit for Fox reminiscent of the glory days of 90210, Martin, and Melrose Place. Having worked for Fox for 20+ years I can tell you, these are good TV times!

In an era of abundant viewing options it is so hard to land a TV show that is "appointment TV." Empire is one of those shows that you just can't wait to watch each week. DVR it and you are behind the times.

Turn on any radio station with rap or pop music and they're talking about the Empire episode the night before. So, if you DVR'd the show and hadn't watched yet to know that Lucious is out of jail, sorry.

The Los Angeles Sentinel is the nation's largest black owned newspaper. Perspective from those who work for the Sentinel is intelligent and insightful. Staff members from the paper were my guest analysts last week

Brandon Brooks, Managing Editor of the L.A. Sentinel says the show talks about things we often don't want to talk about. Take the storyline of Andre, and mental illness.

The paper's Entertainment Editor, Amen Oyiboke, noted the arrest of Cookie and current times when it comes to policing and the black community.

The paper's Director of Advertising, Cliff Russell, took note of the Black Panther like moment in one of the show's music video shoots. It's an example of how Empire crosses generations and genres. Brooks pointed out the music video in last week's episode had a Tupac feel.

No, I'm not paid to be watching evening TV while at work. However, I have had the super fun assignment of turning Empire night feature stories and booking Empire analysts. It has been a fun break from hard news and a chance to lighten my news load.

Gwendolyn Priestly, Director of Media, is a Cookie Lyon fan like much of America. "She's ride-or-die" says Priestly.

Oyiboke says half the fun of watching the show together is each person catching different juicy nuggets!

May the Lyons live on! And so far they do, each Wednesday night on Fox 11 at 9pm, right before the Fox 11 News at ten.

Watch for me feature story this week on CD Salesmen. My news story followers some aspiring artists who pound the pavement pitching their music to passersby and anyone who will listen and drop a donation.

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