El Compadre apologizes, fires manager after LA actor claimed he was scolded for kissing his date

A popular Los Angeles restaurant, El Compadre, has fired its manager who was accused of being intolerant toward a gay customer showing PDA on a date.

This comes after a Los Angeles-based actor Drew Droege took to social media to accuse the restaurant's Echo Park location's then-manager of scolding him.

"We had our arms around each other and kissed a few times. A manager approached our table and said something to the [effect] of, ‘you guys can’t do that here,’" Droege wrote, in-part, on social media.

Droege accused the now-former manager of telling the customer and his date that "This is a family restaurant."

"He threw his hands in front of us and said, ‘I don’t care if you’re the President of the United States, we don’t allow your behavior here,'" Droege said, in-part, on social media.

Since the post went viral, El Compadre said in a statement that the now-fired manager went against the restaurant's core values.

"We have been in business for almost 50 years, and we accept, appreciate and value every customer that walks through our doors, and this behavior will never be tolerated in our establishment," the restaurant said, in-part, on social media.

"We do believe El Compadre to be a family restaurant, and coming into our restaurant is like coming into our home. In our home we believe in love and equality and the fact that one of our employees made someone feel unsafe is not acceptable to us," the restaurant continued in its statement.

Below is a full statement released by El Compadre: