LA's beloved Eagle Rock Brewery closing after 15 years

Eagle Rock Brewery in Los Angeles is permanently shutting its doors after nearly 15 years in business.

The brewery, founded in 2009 in Glassell Park by Jeremy Raub, his wife Ting Su, and his father Steven Raub, touted itself to be the first microbrewery to open in Los Angeles in 60 years. 

News of the closure was posted on the brewery's Instagram page. 

"What an incredible privilege it has been, to be among the first few brewers of the Twenty-First century to plant seeds in Los Angeles soil! To cultivate those seeds and protect their growth. To watch that growth proliferate an entire county and to watch the fruits of that effort earn respect from around the world," the post read.

"The community of good beer in LA has grown far beyond our humble, early goals. And just as beer itself is alive and continuously evolving, so too is Beer Culture. We are grateful to have contributed to that evolution, but we also recognize our role in it. We have given our all to this effort, and now we must step aside to make room for the next generation of brewers with new energy, new ideas, and new contributions. The future of beer is in their hands as much as it is in your hands, friends. We pass this torch so that you may keep that future shining bright!"

According to Eater, the brewery expanded into a restaurant, Eagle Rock Public House, from 2014-2020. 

Patrons were quick to post their messages of support and thanks in the comments. 

"Wow. Shocked. I will always have fond memories of spending time there - either taking classes for home brewers back in the aughts or just sitting around drinking. Best of luck to all," one person commented. 

"My heart will always be with you and ERB! The memories, the friendships, the man I met behind the bar. Thank you for opening up your hearts, lives and your business to all of us! You have helped create so many special memories, and while this chapter closes, I know you’ll carry that legacy on," another wrote.

The taproom will be open through the end of June. 

"Please join us for beers (and maybe some tears) as we bid a fond farewell to Eagle Rock Brewery," the post ended.