Drought 2015: Snakes Under The Couch!!!

The drought isn't just affecting the watering our lawns, the length of showers we take or the number of trees dying for lack of water, it's also affecting rattlesnakes. They're showing up in all kinds of uncomfortable places.

A three-foot long rattlesnake showed up out front of the sheriff's station in Marina Del Rey about two weeks ago.

Not a place you might expect to see a rattler with enough venom to take out several adults. But, because of the drought they're showing up where you'd least expect them. How about "underneath someone's couch?

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Omid Fazli with Abolish Pest Control says he's seen 4 like that this year. And, Kera Otey says the number of snake calls she's getting this year has jumped from about 4 a day in 2014 to about 7 a day this year.

Both rattlesnake wranglers say the drought's the problem. Otey says, "They are desperate for water. They're very thirsty. Not only that, but the other animals they eat are also coming inland for water." So, they're following the food.

And, that thing about finding them under sofas? Otey says "They'll get into homes if you leave your windows or screens open. Then they can slither under furniture in your house. Otey says they'll even drink from your chlorinated pool. They're just that thirsty!

The most common rattler in Southern California is the Southern Pacific rattlesnake. It blends into the dirt and is very dangerous because it's very venomous.

Otey says, "If you get bit by this snake you immediately are going to want to get medical attention."

Fazli is 23-years-old. Otey is 27 and, according to her company, the only woman in California wrangling rattlers.

Both wranglers say that if you happen upon a rattlesnake stop, very slowly backup and call a professional to remove the rattlesnake from your home or business.

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