Driver in pursuit and Vernon shootout was a victim, says attorney

Expect a not guilty plea in court Tuesday by the woman driver in a wild pursuit and shootout last week.

The parents of 37-year-old Alison Hart say she was forced to drive at gunpoint by passenger Dylan Lindsey.

The 24-year-old fired at police during the chase, hanging outside the passenger window. As police fired back he was left in critical condition. Police say one of two gunshots he suffered was self-inflicted.

Hart was also wounded by gunfire but her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

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In an exclusive interview with Hart's attorney, Mark Haushalter says his client is in shock and traumatized. She is in custody and "getting evaluated by the mental health unit." Hart was covered in blood and clearly upset when she got out of the car to be handcuffed.

Haushalter says it all began when his client was giving Lindsey a ride when police spotted him and a pusuit began. He doesn't know if Hart knew that Lindsey was wanted in the murder of a Downey convenience store owner. Haushalter does say Hart has no connection to that crime.

Haushalter says the two were friends and she'd tried to help him out in life. He'd stayed in her family's guest room until an altercation in the home in which the parents kicked him out and filed a restraining order against him. Neighbors told Fox 11 News drugs or alcohol may have played a role.

Hart is to be arraigned Tuesday morning on attempted murder of a peace officer and felony evading. Haushalter said, "right now it's even shocking to me that they're even considering pressing charges against Alison." He believes his client was a pawn and targeted for help by the gunman.